Private Nurse Care for Post-Surgical Patients

Private Nurse Care

Patients who require specific and individual care in a hospital, residential facility or their homes often hire a private nurse.  They provide quality private nurse care to their patients, because they have the necessary training, skills and certifications.

The Primary Duties of Private Nurse Care

The major duties of a private nurse are similar to the duties that are performed by nurses in hospital settings. The tasks that these nurses perform every day include:

  • Checking heart rate
  • Getting an accurate blood pressure reading

These vital signs are checked regularly to detect any anomalies early. The nurse will also document the progress of the patient and any adverse reactions that the patient may experience. In cases of an emergency, the nurse can also administer CPR or lifesaving medication to the patient.

Private Nurses Are Also Liaisons

After a patient has surgery, they will often be sent to a rehab facility or sent home with medications and a list of instructions that will help them recover from surgery faster. The nurse will teach the patient, family members and other caregivers how to continue the patient’s medication regime after the private nurse is no longer working with the patient.

The nurse will also instruct family members on how to correctly change dressings on incisions and wounds to reduce the risk of infection in the patient.

Private Nurses are usually in a patient’s home on a short term basis. While they are at the patient’s home, they will oversee the patient’s recovery after surgery. Many nurses will also remain ‘on call’ in case the patient begins to experience changes in recovery such as the development of fever or infection.

Private Nurse Care is Essential

A private nurse is an essential part of the home health care team. They work with patients to help them transition back to their normal daily routine within a reasonable amount of time. The nurses assist patients with mobility and activities such as grooming. These types of nurses do not provide long term care, only short term care while a patient is in the process of recovering from surgery.

For more information about how private nurse can benefit you after surgery, contact a Houston Private Nurse Care Agency.

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