In Home Assisted Living and Home Assistance – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both

Pros and Cons of In Home Assisted Living

As people become older, they usually need more assistance completing their daily activities.  Often it can be difficult to decide the type of care that the senior will benefit from the most. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing between in home assisted living and assisted living for your loved one.

This is a hard decision for families, so careful consideration is necessary.  The elderly family member, their doctors, social workers, and other health care team members should discuss this important decision.

The Advantages and Disadvantages Of In Home Assistance

One of the first things that you must consider is whether or not your loved one has a degenerative condition.  Sometimes degenerative conditions may eventually prevent them from getting the most benefit from in home assisted living.

If this is the case, then you may need to begin discussing the alternative of an assisted living facility with the senior. However, there are many advantages the senior can receive by remaining in their home. They will be in a familiar environment, and they will also be able to seek friends and family in a comfortable space.  This way, when family members are not available, caregivers or nursing staff can provide care and assistance in their own home.

Another advantage of in home assistance is decreased risk of depression. The risk of depression increases, when a senior relocates to long term care. The prevalence of major depression ranges from 12% to 30%, while an additional 15% to 50% of residents may show significant depressive symptoms. In the home health setting, the prevalence of depression ranges from 10% to 26%.

As you begin to see how common and personally devastating depression can be for a frail elderly person, it is imperative that as professionals and caregivers you advocate for our frail elders to improve and manage this condition.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of In Home Assisted Living

Assisted living should only be considered an option if in home assistance is not an appropriate solution. However, it is easy for the senior to become isolated and venture out of the facility less. This is why assisted living should only be used as a step in care if it is deemed appropriate.

In home assisted living can help with current and future needs of your senior. It is the best way to make sure that your loved one is receiving the care, assistance and supervision they need.

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