What Are Home Care Aides?

Home care aidesHome care aides assist clients with daily activities and self-care. They can also act as companions for clients who need support and social assistance when interacting in the community.

What Are the Responsibilities of Home Care Aides?

Personal aides can be hired to assist clients who are in their homes and those who are in residential facilities. These professional caregivers have several job responsibilities. The primary goal of providing these services is to maintain the client’s dignity and independence.

It can be challenging for some clients to perform their ADLs without assistance. If they are recovering from an injury or have a chronic illness, they may be limited in the amount of self-care they can provide. Home care aides can step in to help with tasks related to hygiene such as bathing, toileting and brushing teeth.

These caregivers can also help with meal preparation. This is a very important task especially for seniors and others who may not be able to prepare nutritiously balanced and delicious meals. A home care aide can even run errands such as grocery shopping to ensure that healthy food is on hand in the home.

Those with mobility impairments may not be able to move around as easily as they once were able to. Caring aides can provide mobility assistance such as wheelchair and bed transfers, as well as help with light housekeeping chores such as laundry, dusting and washing dishes.

What Is a Normal Work Environment for Home Care Aides?

The majority of these professionals work in the homes of their clients. However, they can also work in group homes or other types of care communities. Many are hired directly by families, but the majority is hired through agencies that provide in-home support services.

There are some aides that work with multiple clients during the day, and there are others that work with one client. They can provide care and assistance to those in hospice care and also to those with disabilities who work and are engaged in their community.

Home care aides are integral members of a client’s home care. They are direct support professionals that work with people who are not able to provide total self-care without assistance. These aides provide the care needed to allow clients to stay at home.

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